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                          Technical Support
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                        Quality Assurance

                        With the advanced testing and experimental facilities, LT conducts overall product testing and quality control on in-coming components, mass production and ex-factory products. LT has implemented the ISO9000 quality management system and obtained the ISO9001:2015 certificate. All products have passed 3C certificate, and the majority of the products has received authoritative certificate like UL, CE, etc. Besides, all LT products comply with European Union ROHS standards.

                        On the base of ISO9000 quality system, LT thoroughly implemented TQM and introduced TS16949 quality management, deficiency-free and 6-sigma. Furthermore, LT has designed it‘s unique quality system, together with these advanced quality management methods, an overall quality supervision and management system has been established in LT to ensure its products’s high quality level.




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