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                          About LT
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                        Jiangmen LT motorCo.,Ltd. Was established in 2008 , Locating in Chaolian industrial zone with 30000 square meter occ1upation . Investing RMB 78.95 million as registered capital , we are a high –tech  micro-motor enterprise comprehensive on design , development , production and sales.

                        We mainly engaged in all kinds of BLDC motor for Air curtain products and AC motors which suitable for air source ,heat pumps, air heaters, air-conditioner, air purifiers and so on, Currently committed to the domestic and forrign well- known household appliance enterprices as Panasonic ,Gree , Aux, Hisense ,TCL ,Changhong ,Energy, Dotels,Tica,Euroklimat,Vanward.

                        We adheres to the principle of "taking customers as the center and producting the good motors", Insists on providing "high efficiency, low noise and high quality" products to customers according to their requirements.

                        The quality management system of Is09001 was applied on all sides of the company, and passed the certification of German company TUV ISO9001:2015. All products had passed the CCC , CE, and TUV certifications , also all products are in accordance with the ROHS and REACH standards.

                        We had introduced advanced equipments and production lines from Japan and Korea to ensure the quality and reliability of products. we will continuing to focus and carry out the lean manufacturing,  improving the flexibility of production and more shorten time for the delivery .

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